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Original Drivers for VGN-CS1 Series

Article ID:288974(modified 04-May-2010)

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Original drivers for VGN-CS1 Series

File name: Audio.EXE
File size: 85.40MB (89,556,395 Byte)

File name: Bluetooth.EXE
File size: 28.87MB (30,273,796 Byte)

File name: Chipset.EXE
File size: 2.40MB (2,522,955 Byte)

File name: Ethernet(Marvell).EXE
File size: 1.23MB (1,293,935 Byte)

File name: Fingerprint.EXE
File size: 1.04MB (1,099,427 Byte)

File name: Graphics(Intel).EXE
File size: 18.88MB (19,799,572 Byte)

File name: Graphics(NVIDIA).EXE
File size: 60.32MB (63,254,081 Byte)

File name: Modem.EXE
File size: 3.28MB (3,444,348 Byte)

File name: MS.EXE
File size: 1.12MB (1,179,499 Byte)

File name: Pointing.EXE
File size: 6.48MB (6,795,620 Byte)

File name: SD.EXE
File size: 1.04MB (1,092,452 Byte)

File name: SFEP.EXE
File size: 1.03MB (1,085,009 Byte)

File name: Windows_Image_File_Mini-Filter.EXE
File size: 621.78KB (636,711 Byte)

File name: Wireless_LAN(Atheros).EXE
File size: 1.74MB (1,824,527 Byte)

File name: Wireless_LAN(Intel).EXE
File size: 30.09MB (31,558,291 Byte)


Original Applications for VGN-CS1 Series

File name: Battery_Checker.EXE
File size: 2.98MB (3,126,757 Byte)

File name: OpenMG.EXE
File size: 16.74MB (17,555,943 Byte)

File name: PxEngine.EXE
File size: 2.64MB (2,774,973 Byte)

File name: Setting_Utility_Series.EXE
File size: 6.66MB (6,987,489 Byte)

File name: Sony_Shared_Library.EXE
File size: 2.56MB (2,692,107 Byte)

File name: Suite_QL-AP.exe
File size: 14.59MB (15,302,920 Byte)

File name: VAIO_Control_Center.EXE
File size: 3.87MB (4,065,370 Byte)

File name: VAIO_Event_Service.EXE
File size: 5.40MB (5,664,056 Byte)

File name: VAIO_Location_Utility.EXE
File size: 2.07MB (2,176,042 Byte)

File name: VAIO_Power_Management.EXE
File size: 5.83MB (6,117,309 Byte)

File name: VAIO_Update.EXE
File size: 4.24MB (4,446,444 Byte)

Important Notes

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the upgrade, disconnect all external hardware devices, including PC Cards etc

Note: Before proceeding, ensure that the VAIO computer is operated using the supplied AC adapter.
Note: Save all data/files and close all running programs

Please use the Windows Vista Service Pack1 OS installation disc to install the Operating System. It is possible that some applications cannot be used on default Windows Vista.

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