Service Charges
Service Charges

Conditions For Repairs

Service Charges For Sony India Products

Effective from 1st October '15

Product Category

Product Group

Charges (Rs.)*

Personal Audio Walkman (Cassette) , Radio Cassette Recorder (CFS/CFM series) 200.00
CD/VCD Walkman / Radio 250.00
Network Walkman , IC Recorder , Micro Recorder 200.00
Radio CD Cassette Recorder (CFD Series) 200.00
Home Audio CD/VCD Player 250.00
Mini/ Micro Hi-Fi System with CD Player 350.00
Mini/ Micro Hi-Fi System with DVD/VCD Player 600.00
Home Theatre System, AV Amplifier 500.00
Home Theatre Installation 400.00
Home Video DVD Player 200.00
Blue Ray Disc Player 300.00
Video Cassette Recorder / Player 350.00
Car Audio/Video Head Unit 250.00
Separate Amplifier, CD Changer 250.00
CRT TV Size Up to 25 250.00
Size above 25 600.00
LCD TV Size Upto 25 400.00
Size 26 to 36 600.00
Size 37 to 44 800.00
Size Above 44 1200.00
Wall Mounting Installation Size Up to 28 325.00
Wall Mount Installation Size 29 to 49 400.00
Wall Mount Installation Size 50 to 55 650.00
Wall Mount Installation Size 56 to 65 1000.00
Wall Mount Installation Size 66 to 85 & above 4000.00
Other TV Rear Projection Television / Plasma TV 1000.00
Video Camera Handycam® 750.00
Handycam® (FX & VX series) 1500.00
Digital Camera Cybershot, NEX Camera 600.00
DSLR (α) Body , Lens 1000.00
Digital Photo Printer (If Repairable) 350.00
IT Products (Selected Service Centre only) VAIO Notebook PC 1000.00
Sony Tablet PC 750.00
Recovery , Software update , Software support 200.00
RAM Upgrade 200.00
PC Speakers (If Repairable) 200.00
Mobile Phone (Selected Service Centre only) Feature Phone 250.00
Smart Phone Non Water Resistant 350.00
Smart Phone Water Resistant 500.00
Software update , Software support 150.00
Games PlayStation (Sony India products)** exchange handling fee 150.00
Non- Consumer Products (Selected Service Centre only) Projectors (ES, EX, CS, CX series) 1000.00
Camcorder (HVR-H, HVR-Z, HXR-MC, HXR-N, PD Series) 2000.00
Security Camera 1500.00
Network Security Camera / Devices 2000.00
Other Non-Consumer Products Please ask
General (Consumer Products) Product Check , Repair Cost Estimation 25% of labour charge (Min Rs.100.00)
Software update (Excluding Mobile Phone) 200.00
Home Visit Charges within Municipal Limits 200.00
Pick Up & Delivery Charges within Municipal Limits (LCD TV Size up to 32) 300.00
Pick Up & Delivery Charges within Municipal Limits (LCD TV Size above 32) 500.00
Pick Up & Delivery Charges for Projection/CRT TV within Municipal Limits (Size 34 and Above) on Actual
Pick Up & Delivery Service outside Municipal Limits on Actual

Sony Authorised Service Centre reserves the right to refuse for repairs of tempered sets or return such sets unrepaired after initial check up
* Service Tax and other levies will be applicable on above charges.
** Out of warranty Playstation will be exchanged on chargeable basis as per Sony India guidelines.

Sony Customer Care Centre : Toll Free Number (Fixed Line and Mobile Phones): 1800-103-7799 E-Mail:

Regd. Office:Sony India Pvt. Ltd., A-18, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110 044

Repair Service Terms & Conditions

  1. Please produce original SERVICE JOB SHEET while taking delivery of the product. Delivery may be refused if the original Service Job Sheet is not produced unless claimant provides satisfactory evidence of lawful ownership.
  2. For products under warranty, the warranty card and original purchase invoice must be produced at the time of handing over of the product for repair service.
  3. We shall not be liable for accessories not recorded in the Service Job Sheet..
  4. For out warranty cases, an initial repair estimate shall be indicated at the time of depositing the set at the service center – this estimate would be tentative. If after inspection of set a revised estimate is warranted, customer shall be intimated such revised estimate for approval via letter / telephone / email / SMS at the contact information provided by customer for repair service.
  5. Repair service shall be initiated only on approval of estimates. Customer shall be required to pay normal inspection charges (as applicable) and collect the product immediately if repair estimates are not approved. Non-collection of products shall entitle Service Centre to initiate action detailed in Clause 13.
  6. Should a natural failure recur within 90 days of the repair service, Labour Charge shall be waived off. In case of failure of the same part(s), the spare part(s) shall be replaced free of charge. However, should the failure be attributable to wrong usage or abuse, accident, lightning, ingress of water, external fire damage, natural disaster, improper ventilation, deterioration due to environmental conditions, excessive shock, normal wear and tear or any external cause not attributable to normal product failure, the part and labour will be chargeable subject to set being in repairable condition.
  7. We reserve the right to decline repair service of products if the product is more than 5 years old or if the product is damaged extensively or the condition has deteriorated such that reliable repair service cannot be guaranteed or if the failure is caused due to lightning, ingress of water, fire, or if the product has been attended (repair service or modification) by any unauthorized person or if parts are procured by customer from any other source.
  8. We shall not be liable for reliability of the product if it has been attended by any unauthorized person or party.
  9. In case the spare part(s) are not available and have to be arranged / sourced afresh, a tentative date for repair service will be indicated and the customer will be required to deposit 100% advance, prior to the sourcing of the spare part(s).
  10. We respect individual privacy and hence do not take data back-up. For products with Hard Disc Drives, Solid State Drives, Internal Memory and/or Phone Memory, data back-up should be taken by customer before depositing the product for service. We shall not be liable for protection/preservation of any stored content or data if protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management).
  11. This repair service does not cover liability for loss of data, recorded images and / or loss of business opportunity. If during the repair service, or during software up gradation, the content of the Hard Disc Drive/ Internal Memory/Phone memory are altered or deleted or in any way modified, we shall not be responsible for any loss/damages arising there from.
  12. Product should be collected within 15 days from the date of intimation of completion of service or rejection of repair estimate, on production of the original Service Job Sheet; otherwise, accommodation charges of Rs.50/- per day will be levied, subject to a maximum of 90 days, after which, we shall dispose-off the product to recover the cost incurred for such storage and repair cost.
  13. Under no circumstances shall the product be retained by us beyond a period of 90 days from the date of repair service or non-approval of estimate. Unclaimed articles beyond 90 days shall be disposed-off in accordance with environmental regulations or auctioned if in working condition. The proceeds, shall in the first instance, be appropriated towards recovery of repair service charges, accommodation charges etc.
  14. All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of local courts where the service center is situated.
  15. In the event of loss due to theft, burglary or force majeure circumstances the service provider’s liability, if any, shall be to the extent of the depreciated value of the product on the date of loss. The depreciation shall be calculated @ 15% per year.
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