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Sony recommends Windows 8.
PC tune-up and maintenance made easy VAIO Care™
Maintenance and troubleshooting for VAIO
VAIO Care™ makes it easy for anyone to care for VAIO. Featuring an intuitive point-and-click interface, this new software simplifies basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to keep your VAIO in good shape. For added convenience, VAIO* is equipped with an ASSIST button that provides one-touch access to VAIO Care™.

* Excluding VAIO M, X, W and L Series.

Need assistance? Just press the ASSIST button!
If troubles arise or you just want to perform regular maintenance, press ASSIST. Conveniently located at the top of the keyboard, this button immediately opens VAIO Care™. Even if the computer screen freezes, you’ll still be able to open VAIO Care™ and resolve the problem.
Four kinds of support with VAIO Care™
VAIO Care™ functions
I think there’s something wrong… System Care I may have made the wrong setting… Recovery & Restore
What’s happening? The sound is gone… Troubleshooting & Diagnostics I don’t know what to do… Contact Sony
System care for regular maintenance
This has two features: One Click Care and system adjustment functions. One Click Care checks VAIO’s condition (e.g. Windows boot speed, network connections, security and other settings), assesses whether it needs a tune-up then issues the results in a simple PC health report. This report provides an easy way to make sure VAIO is in optimum condition. Best of all, when the report finds an area of your system that needs attention, it gives you the option to resolve the problem with one click. In addition, you can perform important hard disk maintenance like defragmentation and cleanup with a single click. And to prevent serious trouble from occurring, One Click Care can be scheduled to run automatically at regular intervals.
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics for solving problems
When something on VAIO doesn’t quite seem to be working right, the Troubleshooting section of VAIO Care™ will help you find a solution on your own. Easy-to-understand menu items like ‘Input and Output’ and ‘Storage and Media’ help pinpoint the problem while the assessment tool further analyses it. When a solution is found, it is automatically applied to solve the problem. For more detailed inspections, Diagnostics lets you check the status of hardware, including CPU, hard drive and battery.
Recovery and restore to repair serious problems
If you encounter a problem that just won’t go away, use this feature to restore data to the condition it was in before the problem occurred. You can also use it to reset VAIO completely, essentially returning VAIO to the factory default condition. Even when VAIO can’t properly start, VAIO Care™ is able to access emergency applications like Windows backup and recovery tools in addition to the software re-installer to get you up and running again.
Contact Sony for further assistance
When inquiring about repairs, quick access to computer information and knowing whom to contact are essential to receiving customer support. This convenient feature facilitates this, displaying necessary information like model and serial numbers at the bottom of every screen. You’ll also find out where to direct inquiries and discover tips on using VAIO. In addition, the page has links to the VAIO support website and online user guides.
OS not booting? The ASSIST button provides the solution.
After powering on VAIO but the OS fails to finish booting, first turn off the power then simply press the ASSIST button. VAIO Care Rescue* will turn on to assist in recovery such as by saving important text files and photos, restoring the C drive to its initial state, etc.

* Not available on some models and VAIO Recovery Center will activate instead.

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