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Sony recommends Windows 8.
Media Gallery A new discovery in content. The media player that recommends sights and sounds for you.
New multimedia player
Let Media Gallery recommend content that’s right for you
Meet Media Gallery, smart new VAIO software that recommends the right media to play depending on the mood or moment. Using Sony’s original analysis technology, Media Gallery searches your VAIO for photos, videos and music then suggests selections that are just right for you. It can also match different types of media in order to complement current playback. Let Media Gallery surprise you with photos and videos from the past while listening to a favourite oldie, or vice versa. You’ll love the fun new dimension that Media Gallery adds to the VAIO experience.
Use the VAIO button for fast access
Just press the VAIO button* to open Media Gallery. In a snap, recommended photos, videos and music appear, ready for immediate enjoyment.
* VAIO CW Series (excluding Matte black models) only.
Enjoy a new multimedia experience everyday
A continually refreshed display of photos, videos, music and web content
Open Media Gallery to peruse the daily recommendations displayed as large thumbnails. If you see something you like, click on the appropriate thumbnail. Media Gallery not only accesses the desired content, but also displays a list of related photos, videos and music. For example, if you choose a video shot in 2009, Media Gallery searches your media collection and suggests matching background music, other photos and videos shot around the same time as well as music released the same year — a great way to rediscover fond memories and tunes!
Home screen
Photos and videos
Media Gallery tags photos and videos with information such as shooting date and time as well as playback history.
Media Gallery tags music files with information from the music library such as your preferred music genre, playback history and add-to-library history.
Related web content
Media Gallery automatically searches the web for content such as music videos that may interest you based on artist, track name and time of day. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the browser and plays the content.
Easily select media for playback
Recommended photos and videos are identified by large, easy-to-view thumbnails with recommended music shown by album art. Just click on a thumbnail to playback the linked item.
Display recommended content on your desktop
Stay informed of current recommendations even when Media Gallery is not running. An easy-to-access preference setting displays a small “gadget” on the Windows® 7 desktop that cycles through recommended content. When something catches your fancy, double-click on the gadget to open Media Gallery and playback the associated content.
Photo and video enjoyment
Sony’s original technology enhances multimedia enjoyment
Voyager Engine — Smart analysis of your media preferences
In order to recommend music, photos, videos and web content that more accurately matches your taste, Media Gallery incorporates Voyager Engine. This intelligent technology learns your preferences based on usage tendencies, playback history and other criteria.
Playback slideshows and videos instantly
When you click a photo or video thumbnail, Media Gallery instantly starts a slideshow of related photos or begins playing the video. You can choose whether or not you want to accompany playback with background music. For added enjoyment, you can also view content in full screen.
Timeline view organises photos and videos by date
Media Gallery automatically displays photos and videos by shooting date, making it easy to relive your cherished memories. A representative photo taken from each date is shown as a handy reminder of what you shot. You can also view thumbnails in three different display modes – Large, Standard and Small – each of which displays different views based on shooting dates. No matter which mode you choose, slide controls and a timeline let you browse quickly through the different shooting dates.
Large   Standard   Small
Displays thumbnails of representative photos/videos by year, month and day. Extra large thumbnails assure easy viewing.   Displays medium-sized thumbnails of representative photos/videos with an emphasis on the month and year.    Displays thumbnails of representative photos by year and month. Small thumbnails show a greater number of shooting dates over the years. 
Quick and easy movie creation
Media Gallery makes it easy to create short movies from photos and videos. Just select the items that you want to include in the movie, choose a template such as Resort, Sports or Party, then select background music from a list of recommended tracks. After pressing “Play Movie,” Media Gallery automatically assembles the content into a delightful movie that your whole family can enjoy.
STEP 1 Select template
STEP 2 Select background music
STEP 3 Write
Get into advanced editing with VAIO Movie Story
Take your movie making skills to new heights. Movies created in Media Gallery can be opened in VAIO Movie Story to produce movies with a polished, professional feel. Editing is fast and intuitive thanks to the storyboard, which allows you to rearrange scenes with drag-and-drop ease. You can even add text to movie sequences.
Movie created with Media Gallery Edit with VAIO Movie Story
Sony’s original technology offers more ways to enjoy
Event Clustering technology automatically organises photos and videos
Media Gallery automatically organises photos and videos by shooting date and time, making it easy to retrieve content of recurring occasions such as birthdays and other yearly or seasonal celebrations. Moreover, events that last past midnight are recognized as a single item — a nice touch for cataloguing exciting events that run a bit later than expected.
Face Detection technology keeps faces in view
Using Sony’s intelligent Face Detection technology, Media Gallery recognises faces in slideshows while VAIO Movie Story detects them in videos, keeping them near the centre of the frame and applying interesting visual effects. Even if a face appears at different angles in successive photos or movies, this advanced technology recognises and positions it for maximum visibility.
Skip blurry photos automatically 
When viewing slideshows or movies, Media Gallery automatically skips blurred photos that can distract from your enjoyment.
Music pleasure
Listen to music stored in VAIO and on the web
Enjoying your favourite music is so easy with Media Gallery. Just click on a music thumbnail, identified by a small icon, then sit back and enjoy. A variety of playback options are available, including shuffle, repeat and the ability to play just the crescendo of each track. You can also access music from iTunes playlists. While listening, Media Gallery recommends web content such as music videos that contain similar tracks. When you see web content you like, click on the thumbnail to open the browser and play the video.
Match the mood or moment with SensMe™ channels
Recommended channels are selections of tracks categorised into 26 channels by Sony’s advanced 12 Tone Analysis technology. Channels such as Party Time for up-tempo music and Rainy Day for mellow music assist you in selecting the right music for your mood or scene. For added convenience, playlists of your favourite channels can be copied to other music software.
* Categorised music may not always correspond to individual preferences.

26 recommended channels
Quickly search for music by artist, album or mood
Media Gallery gives you a variety of ways to quickly select music. Display music in automatically organised lists showing album art or choose tracks that match your mood from one of the SensMe™ channels.
Sony’s original technology offers enhanced listening pleasure
Advanced music recognition — Sony’s advanced 12 Tone Analysis
As intelligent as it is convenient, Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis accurately classifies music to assist in choosing the right music according to tastes and mood. This advanced technology deconstructs each octave into 12 tones as well as analyses song structure according to beats per minute, melody, chord, key, number of notes and other criteria. Based on this analysis, similar music styles can be grouped as SensMe™ channels from a vast and varied audio collection.
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