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Extend Your WALKMAN® Experience

Walkman® Content Transfer software

It couldn’t be easier to fill your Walkman® full of all your favourite music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and pictures for playback with superior quality. Supporting all popular file formats, even music from iTunes, Walkman® lets you manage all your content with drag and drop simplicity.


Functions of Content Transfer
1. Transfer of the following formats from Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and iTunes is available.
    • Music: .mp3 / .3gp / .mp4 / .wma / .wmv
    • Video: .mp4 / .m4v / .wmv
    • Photo: .jpg
2 12 TONE ANALYSIS function is available.
3. Gadget mode for Windows Vista is available.
4. Automatic Transfer function is available.
5. Video file conversion function is available.
6. Automatic Update function is available.
7. Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) files (e.g., WMA, WMV) are supported.

- Unsupported file formats will not be transferred to the Walkman.
- Content Transfer software supports data transfer from iTunes 9.0 to the WALKMAN player.
- Video file conversion function is available for WALKMAN models that can play WMV files.


Getting music, movies, photos and files onto your Walkman® is simple using Content Transfer with your S and E series. Just follow the three easy steps below:


1. Move files from your PC including iTunes 

Using the Content Transfer software that comes with your Walkman® player, you can move music, pictures and video files straight from your PC or iTunes library - even playlists and podcasts. Content Transfer even converts video files, so they are ready to play on your Walkman®. Just click on a file, then drag and drop into Content Transfer.

2. Sync and sort your files

Content Transfer is a one-stop shop to sync and sort your files. Manage your music, photos, videos and podcasts all within one software application, no matter where content has been stored. Let the software automatically label your music collection, and sort files into folders on your Walkman® player.

3. Plug in and transfer files

Getting content from Content Transfer onto your Walkman® player is just as easy. Simply plug in your Walkman® via USB cable and transfer files direct to your player, labelled and sorted into neat files and playlists for easy and instant playback.

Using Windows Media Player™ 11

It's no trouble at all to manage all your favourite content using Media Player 11. Just follow the three easy steps below:



Select from your library

You can take music, pictures and video files straight from your Windows Media Player 11 library. Just click on your selection, push synchronise and everything will be transferred to your Walkman®.

Keep your content in order

You can still manage your music, photos and videos from the Windows Media Player 11 library. All the labels and file structures you create will be the same on your Walkman® player: Just sync your player with your PC and it's all there.

Plug in and transfer files

Transferring your files from Windows Media Player 11 to your Walkman® is as easy as plugging in and hitting synchronise. Just plug your Walkman® into your PC via USB, it's so simple!

Using Windows Explorer

You can use Windows Explorer to organise your media content and then transfer it to your Walkman®. Just follow the three easy steps below:

Keep your content organised

You can use Windows Explorer to create and name your own folders, and arrange your MP3 music, picture and video files. Then choose the tunes and movies you want on your Walkman® - and just drag them across.

Manage your content with ease

You can keep all your MP3 files and folders - music albums, photo albums and videos - up to date using Windows Explorer. When you're ready to transfer them to your Walkman®, all your folders and labels will come too.

Plug in and transfer files

Transferring your files from Windows Explorer to your Walkman® is as simple as moving files on your PC. Just plug in via USB and drag your content into the appropriate folder that appears: MUSIC for music, VIDEO for video, you get the idea.

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