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Storage Media and Batteries

Sony has developed a range of reliable storage and recording media you can depend on for recording, transferring or storing your information. If you wish to transfer information from one PC to another, we offer the Sony Memory Stick™ or our range of Microvault USB Storage media. Wish to store a lot of information for long-term use? Our data storage media is your solution. Pick from our credible audio and video media for your audio or video data storage needs. We solve all your storage problems.
Storing and sharing information have never been more convenient with the Sony range of Memory Stick™. Able to store music, movies and pictures, it’s the perfect companion wherever you go.
Transferring data has never been simpler with the advent of Sony’s diverse range of USB storage media that allows you to transfer or store information quickly, stylishly and at times, uniquely too.
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Data storage and backup is easier and safer with Sony’s latest External Hard Drives. It offers advance features in a slim, stylish design that enable users to save and access their data quickly and conveniently, wherever they go.
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To ensure your valuable data is properly recorded and stored, Sony offers you a range of reliable data storage media from the affordable to the technologically advanced, depending on the type of data.
For convenience of storing and transferring, the Sony Compact Flash is the natural choice for your compatible device. The storage media may be tiny in size, but it’s certainly big on capability.
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The introduction of Sony LTO (Linear Tape Open) demonstrates our commitment to the mid-range server market and offering a full line-up of data media products. Sony continues to offer the full range of Storage Media for all popular tape drives available in the market.
For over 50 years, Sony has pioneered advancements in audio and video recording media as well as data storage, fulfilling the demands of entertainment, news and information professionals every day. Your business needs cutting edge, high-quality technologies to meet the demands of tomorrow.
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