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Discover the Features of Sony USB Charger

Power up your smartphone anywhere, anytime with
Sony's USB Portable Charger range

When your smartphones run out of battery and there is no socket around to charge them then USB charger emerge as lifesavers.

*Compatible with other devices including Xperia™, Cyber-shot™, Handycam® and Walkman® players

Great Charging Cycle

Thanks to the 'Hybrid Gel' technology, Sony polymer battery has high durability as it retains more than 90% of capacity at 1000 charges!

Faster Charging

Experience faster charging with Sony Portable Charger.Faster than Traditional charging method

Hybrid Gel Technology*

Unlike liquid type batteries, Sony uses 'Hybrid gel' as the electrolyte, which tightens the contact between cathode and anode for better charge/discharge cycle characteristics. This electrolyte material difference is the key to Sony's hybrid gel technology.

* Ceramic Powder contained in Electrolyte before Gel
* Granted patent for solid-electrodes

Less Swelling and No Leakage

When choosing a product, safety and reliability are top priorities. Thanks to the 'Hybrid gel' technology, the Sony polymer battery prevents gas generation during charge/discharge cycles. Thus, you will experience less swelling and no leakage during the cycles.

* Based on Sony's internal research of general liquid battery in Oct, 2014

Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Contains Sony-manufactured lithium-polymer rechargeable battery which ensures safety and longer life

Universal Usage

Most of the USB chargeable products can be charged

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