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Enhanced Tablet Experiences by System Update with Android 4.0.3

Sony Tablet is evolving to give you an even speedier, more satisfying multimedia experience. New system update with Android 4.0.3 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) is available with Sony Tablet
to bring a number of new unique features and enhancements. Key updates include enhanced camera and photo functions, user interface and usability improvements, and much more! IceCream Sandwich

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Daring design.

Ergonomically designed.
The Sony Tablet™ S was conceived for comfort over long periods of time. The ergonomic, wedge-shaped form shifts weight closer to the side, making it feel ultra light in one hand. It also makes for a perfect typing angle when set on a table.
4°angle when rested flat.
Sony Tablet S
Put simply, it’s easy to hold.

Sporting a shifted center of gravity, the Sony Tablet S feels comfortable in one hand as you hold your coffee with the other.

Designed for you.

If you’re living your life on the go, choose the Sony Tablet P with its compact dual screen with clamshell design that low weight of just 370g.

Sony Tablet P
A display of brilliance.
It’s the LED-lit TruBlack™ you’d expect from a Sony. Enjoy exploring your connected world even more with the beautiful display offered by Sony’s unique panel display and anti-reflection.
Sony Tablet S & P screen size
Capture them. Capture yourself.

Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There's also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

Sony Tablet P
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Connect Your World.

The Ultimate remote.

The tablet can even act as a universal infrared remote control for your Blu-ray player, stereo and cable box. It even works on non-Sony brands.

The Ultimate remote.
Sony Tablet S
Play well with others.

Enjoy content from your tablet on your HDTV and more. With cross-connectivity between the Sony Tablet™ and your DLNA-compatible TV, PC or speakers, it's easy to share the fun.

Party Streaming

Unlike conventional experiences with WiFi audio streaming, Party Streaming perfectly synchronizes playback between multiple connected network speakers* throughout your home. Now you can move from room to room without missing a single beat.*

*Compatible devices: CMT-MX700Ni, BDP-S480/S485/S780, SMP-N100, BDV-E380/E880/E980W/E985W/L600/L800

Party Streaming
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Speed thrills.

Introducing Swift and Smooth Experience.
Sony's latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You'll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch.


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