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If you cannot live without music, choose from Sony’s eclectic lineup of portable audio players, like our vast Walkman series, considerable selection of CD/Radio Cassette Player and different types of voice recorders and radio. We also offer a huge collection of audio accessories including speakers, headphones, and more. Sony is constantly offering new features and improving on current functions so you can enjoy optimum performance. Listening to music on the go has never been more exciting.
High Resolution Audio
Be free from carrying many CDs around, simply copy and transfer them to your flash memory MP3 walkman.
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If you have a portable music player that produces high quality sounds, it only makes sense for you to acquire an equally superior quality set of headphones to make sure the quality remains intact.
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There are many different types of portable speakers for different purposes, and be it for traveling, for work, or for personal enjoyment, we have the right set of speakers for you to choose from.
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It’s easy to record meetings, lectures and interviews with Sony’s selection of digital and analog voice recorders with high storage capacity and a pack of additional features.
Radio listening is never the same with Sony’s radio receivers, offering functions more than your average radio receivers, like a wider range of frequencies, acting as an alarm clock and more.
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With Sony’s range of CD/Radio Cassette Players, you can enjoy music in multiple formats. Dig out your beloved cassette tapes, pop in your favourite CDs or simply tune in to your preferred radio station.
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With our extensive range of audio accessories for your portable audio players, you can listen to unparalleled sound quality, share music with your friends, and enable your player to perform its best.
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