VAIO Z Series
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  • VAIO L Series VAIO L Series (SVL) 24(61 cms) 2D and Glasses-free 3D all-in-one home entertainment PC with BRAVIA's X-Reality™

Ultimate performance in extreme dimensions

VAIO Z Series is extremely light and easy to carry on the outside, as well as packed with performance on the inside. Its high-resolution Full HD display* with anti-reflective glossy finish provides an exquisite image with vivid colours covering nearly all of the Adobe RGB colour gamut. Intel® Core™ i7 Processor assures top notch performance. But equally important is that all this was packed into a slim profile notebook that’s only 16.65 mm, and weighs only 1.170 kg*.

*Specifications differ by model.

Ultimate performance in extreme dimensions
Power Media Dock™ maximises VAIO Z Series potential

Power Media Dock™ maximises VAIO Z Series potential

VAIO Z Series is supplied with Power Media Dock™ which is equipped with discrete graphics, Blu-ray Disc™ drive and wide variety of interfaces. Just connect it to the PC to boost performance and bring out VAIO Z Series full potential. Use the PC connected to the Power Media Dock™ at home or office as your main machine. Or take out just the PC as an extremely mobile notebook when you’re on the go. It’s a versatile solution for just about any usage scene.

Hexa-shell design with space-saving free layout

Both the VAIO Z Series and Power Media Dock™ feature a unique hexagonal edge design, which adds a unique look while reinforcing durability. Both units have a superb appearance, and since the Power Media Dock™ can be placed upright or flat, next to the PC or behind it, you can position it freely according to your needs and available space on your desktop. Enjoy maximum performance from a minimal footprint.

Hexa-shell design with space-saving free layout
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