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Sony recommends Windows 8.
VAIO E Series

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An attractive notebook that expresses your unique personality

VAIO E Series contains two variations, VAIO E Series 14A and VAIO E Series 11, 14, and 15. Both feature the distinctive wrap design and are available in a range of attractive colours to suit your personality. VAIO E Series 14A is available in various colours, with an eye-catching accent colour on the sides*, keyboard, and touchpad, and includes a matching keyboard skin and mouse. VAIO E Series 11, 14, and 15 come in four colours. The contrasting shades on the notebook itself and around the screen makes these notebooks creative and stylish.

*VAIO E Series 14A Black, Pink, White, Blooming wave White and Blooming wave Pink models only.

An attractive notebook that expresses your unique personality
An attractive notebook that expresses your unique personality
An attractive notebook that expresses your unique personality

Intuitive Touch Operation for Easy Use

VAIO E Series now also supports finger-touch operation* for convenient and intuitive on-screen manipulation of computer functions and apps. Accurate touch recognition allows you to quickly perform tasks with your fingers.

* Touch operation is available for some VAIO E Series 14A models.

Windows 8

Long battery life
Long battery life

Long battery life*

The long battery life of VAIO E Series 14A is perfectly suited to help you meet the demands of your busy lifestyle. Whether at home or campus, you're bound to appreciate this enhanced capability. Now you can finally go the distance with a notebook that has as much stamina as you do. Stay on pace for longer and enjoy the freedom of your extra mobility.

* Estimated battery life (under JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method ver.1.0,measurement method (a)). Actual battery life may vary with different operating conditions and settings.

Superior sound quality

Sony technologies — ”xLOUD” and ”Clear Phase"” — combine to produce superior sound that will increase your listening pleasure. ”Clear Phase” reproduces a cleaner, more natural sound, while ”xLOUD” boosts the speaker volume. Dolby Home Theater® v4* is also a built-in feature. Whether you're alone or with friends, music and movies will be that much more enjoyable when played on your VAIO E Series notebook.

* Specifications differ by model.

Clear PhasexLOUD
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