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Capture Memories with Sony A6000

Never miss any moment. Capture them all with the Sony A6000. Capture all lovely smiles and fun moments with just a click. The A6000 is equipped with revolutionary 4D Focus technology that combines fast autofocus speed, wide coverage and steadfast tracking. And with world's fastest autofocus, experience a truly game-changing autofocus with A6000. Never let go of any moment worth capturing.

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Alpha Offers*

  • Original
    Carrying Case
  • Memory
  • HDMI
  • Motion Shot

    Express the breathtaking dynamism and energy of fast-moving subjects.

  • Liveview Grading

    This app expands creative possibilities by letting you fine-tune the color of your movies while viewing the effects in real-time.

  • Bracket Pro

    This lets you automatically bracket photos by shutter speed, aperture, focus or flash.

  • Light Shaft

    Add a splash of light to your photos and transform everyday shots into fantastic displays of light and magic.

  • Portrait Lighting

    This app lets users easily accentuate people’s faces and take stunning portrait photos by adjusting the contrast and lighting level.

  • Star Trail

    This app shoots a series of starry sky still images at intervals then combines them into one movie.


Basic and Advanced workshops conducted by Alpha Specialists, lined up in various parts of the country.

Date Event Tour Price Special Price
Feb 19 - 23 Master Class at Rajasthan Rs. 37,999 Rs. 19,000
Mar 06 - 09 Master Class at Varanasi Rs. 27,999 Rs. 14,000
May 21 - 24 Photo expedition to Bandhavgarh national park Rs. 34,000 Rs. 17,000

Stories Challenge

Participate in Alpha Community Photo Contest and get a chance to win.

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Alpha Camera Registration

Get free accessory on registration starting Rs.490/- and above.

  • Screen Protector
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger

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