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Xplod™ Speakers / Subwoofer

Delivering crisp and clear sounds is the aim of Sony’s extensive range of speakers, designed for audiophiles like you. To ensure high-quality audio, our speakers also feature subwoofers that produce clean bass sounds that perform its best at higher frequencies. Regardless of external noises from outside the car or other disturbances, our speakers are built to deliver what it’s supposed to- quality sound and bass. Now, take your ears out for a ride and let the melodious tunes envelope you.
It doesn’t do your high quality car audio receiver justice if you own sub-standard speakers. For maximum enjoyment of your favourite tunes, treat yourself to Sony’s first-rate speakers.
Complete your car entertainment system with Sony’s high performance Subwoofer, certain to bring that extra boom to the bass of your favourite tunes, you’ll be grooving to the music in no time.
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