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Handycam camcorder take your recordings to the next level with High definition (HD) movie recording, higher capacity for internal storage, Exmor R CMOS Sensor, BIONZ Image Processor and superior G Lens ensuring crystal clear video and image quality. You will never miss another detail with the range of Sony's performing, stylish colourful Handycam.

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Why Handycam® is best for video recording?

Difference between a good memory and a great one.

Memories are unique: that’s why capturing them is so important. From innovative features that make shooting easier, to professional-quality lenses and advanced image processors for optimum picture performance, Handycam® camcorders from Sony make the difference between a good memory and a great one.


built-in projector logoBuilt-in Projector

shoot. project. smile.

Watching your favourite memories on a big screen is no longer limited to your living room. With a built-in projector that can project your videos up to 100 (254cms)* diagonally, you can now share your latest adventure with your friends and family anywhere without the need of a TV.

The high-contrast projector built-in to the LCD panel gives you the freedom to share your favourite memories virtually anywhere. Powerful enough to project up to a 100 (254cms)* diagonal screen, this small mobile theatre packs a powerful punch. Combined with stereo speakers, your memories will come alive for you and those you’re sharing with !
* on selected models

Project up to 100(254 cms)*
How to use projector
Share Memories in a Fun-filled way

Extended Zoom
Greater range with extended zoom

Have you ever wished to reach that far away subject just a little bit more? The new extended zoom feature is the new answer to an old problem. Different from conventional digital zoom technology, when using this new feature, there is almost no visible image degradation thanks to an advanced image processing algorithm. With the extended zoom, you can now enjoy a wider shooting range from wide to telephoto.

Extended Zoom
* Extended Zoom depends on models


Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode) ensures smooth movie footage in various shooting situations:shooting on the move chasing your child, strolling around sightseeing, and even while zooming in on the action. This latest version of image stabilization technology realizes up to 10x* more steady images on the wide end than conventional Optical SteadyShot. As the user zooms in, an intelligent digital image stabilizer starts to blend in and work together with its optical counterpart to effectively reduce camera shake even while zooming

* SteadyShot applicable with DCR-SX22 & DCR-PJ6 models. Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode) applicable with HDR-CX280 & HDR-PJ380 models. SteadyShot (Active mode) applicable with DCR-CX220, HDR-PJ230 & DCR-SX45 models. Balanced Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode) applicable with HDR-PJ660 models.

Full High Definition

Full High Definition gives you enhanced picture quality, which is 4.5 times better than Standard Definition. The difference between High Definition Picture quality and conventional Standard Definition is immediately noticeable. From the smallest smile to the brightest rainbow, you’ll definitely appreciate the vibrancy and realism of 1920x1080i Full High Definition.

Full High Definition


Superior Sound

True atmospheric sound

A fantastic soundtrack can make the difference between a good movie and a great one. With features like Zoom Microphone technology and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, your Handycam® camcorder gives you the power to capture the soundtrack to your life. Video playback goes from good to excellent on your Handycam® camcorder, Clear Phase stereo speakers with S-Master digital amplifier technology produces true-to-life sound for more exciting playback.

Capture and Share Your Joy

Shooting and sharing your best moments in life

Capturing a special moment is only half the joy; the other half is in sharing it with everyone else. With the revolutionary features and technologies in our newest range of Sony Handycam® camcorders, you’ll find shooting and sharing the best moments in life better and easier than ever before!

Handycam's smart feature  Easy Sharing and Playback

Smart Features

From clever features like Face Detection and Smile Shutter to helpful applications like Automatic Backlight Correction and Golf Shot, Handycam® camcorders make it easier than ever to get the best results.

Learn about Handycam® smart features »

Easy Sharing and Playback 

Memories are made for sharing with family and friends, so the latest Handycam® camcorders are packed with features that make it easy to search, preview, copy and transfer your favourite moments.

Find out about easy sharing & playback »


Image³ - Sony Redefines Your Camera

There’s no reason why a compact camcorder can’t give you excellent, professional looking results. That’s why the latest Handycam® camcorders are equipped with optically superb Sony G or Carl Zeiss lenses. From the stunning low-light capabilities of the new Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor to the raw power of the BIONZ processor, you’re guaranteed sharper, more detailed and more colourful memories – every time.

Image³ - Sony Redefines Your Camera

Carl Zeiss & Sony G Lens 

Brilliant colour and clarity

A great camcorder starts with a great lens. Pick up a Handycam® camcorder with a superb zoom lens by legendary optical specialist Carl Zeiss, or a premium Sony G Lens with innovative Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass, and you’re guaranteed brilliantly clear images with vivid colours, amazing detail and fantastic contrast.


Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor 

Beautiful images—even in low light

Shooting in low light conditions is notoriously difficult because you get grainy pictures that lack detail. With the Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor in your Handycam® camcorder, you can keep on shooting for longer period after sunset. Capture scenes in low-lit interiors with more detail and clarity – and less image noise. You’ll never miss those special moments again.


BIONZ processor

Fast shooting respsonse

All camcorders create images by collecting light on an electronic sensor. But not all camcorders process those images in the same way. Because the new high-speed BIONZ processor inside a Handycam® camcorder can handle massive amounts of high-resolution data, it can power a range of smart features and deliver extraordinary picture quality in every frame.


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