Cyber-shot™ Lens-style Camera

What is Lens-style Camera?

Your smartphone. Our camera. The perfect match for stunning image quality.

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    Advanced Features

A fresh new
way to shoot

Control the DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10 from your smartphone even when it’s not mounted. You can shoot in limited spaces and from extreme angles that were previously impossible.

The launch of a revolution

Simply mount the DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10 on your Android or iOS smartphone to capture breathtaking photos and videos. It’s the ideal solution for shooting and sharing.

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Shoot, edit and share with the greatest of ease

The DSC-QX100 / DSC-QX10 works seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to shoot beautiful images with your preferred camera settings, save and organise them as you like, touch them up with your favourite editing app and share them the same way you always share images with your smartphone.

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