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In-Car Entertainment

If you spend long hours in your car everyday, it’s important to equip it with enough entertainment so that you’ll have nary a dull moment. Car audio entertainment need not be limited to just your favourite radio stations or CDs. Thanks to Sony Xplod mobile entertainment technology, you can enjoy music from more sources. You now can even experience visual entertainment with our innovative Touch-Screen Multimedia Centre receiver. Riding the car is never the same experience again.
Today, CD receivers for the car are no longer just for playing your favourite CDs anymore. To offer you with more choices, some are able to accommodate other disc formats for more variety.
Riding in cars will never be the same experience again with Sony’s perfect visual companion that allows you the pleasure of watching movies in your car, perfect if you’re on a road trip.
If you like your music with deep, strong bass, then choose from Sony’s range of amplifiers, which guarantees that the bass will pack a punch and more with its incredible power.
It doesn’t do your high quality car audio receiver justice if you own sub-standard speakers. For maximum enjoyment of your favourite tunes, treat yourself to Sony’s first-rate speakers/subwoofers.
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