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17 March 2016
Sony showcases a brand new range of lifestyle enriching products

New Delhi, Thursday, 17 March 2016: Sony India today unveiled a range of lifestyle products, especially developed to enhance your daily experiences. This is in line with Sony’s consistent commitment in creating best-in-class lifestyle products, innovative technologies and making unrivalled lifestyle experiences a reality.

Innovative products like Glass Sound Speaker, LED Bulb Speaker, Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector, Smart Tennis Sensor, Smart B-Trainer, FES Watch,  AROMASTIC and ENERGY24 Battery were showcased by Sony at its Annual Conference, 2016 in New Delhi. The Glass Sound Speaker and LED Bulb Speaker are perfectly designed for the music lovers, stirring the sensory notes. Smart Tennis Sensor and Smart B-Trainer are designed for sport enthusiasts. The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector makes life space more comfortable, letting users to enjoy their favorite content at any place.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director of Sony India said, “Sony has continuously worked to usher a paradigm shift in the way people work, play and live today. This year, we are taking another leap with our diverse range of products. These products will demonstrate the length and breadth of innovation, quality and expertise that Sony is known for. We believe in listening to our customers and anticipating their needs and shall always endeavor to deliver products that contribute meaningfully to a more enriching life.”

Over twelve hundred partners were invited to experience the new products showcasing style, design, innovation and craftsmanship at its Annual Conference. The products revealed were reflective of Sony bringing a holistic smart living experience for its consumers.

The varied products showcased include–

Glass Sound Speaker– delivering ultimate relaxation
Glass Sound Speaker is a lifestyle product that helps to relax through warm ambient LED light filling every corner of the room with crystal clear sound from the tube-shaped organic glass. The glass sound speaker spreads clear sound through an organic glass tube allowing enjoyment of music anywhere around the product and is a compilation of both sound and product blending into space. In addition, the speaker consists of warm and soft illumination and looks like a candle in one’s living space.

LED Bulb Speaker – lighting up with Music
LED Bulb Speaker combines the LED bulb and the speaker so that one can enjoy the music from the LED bulb by just replacing the normal lightning LED bulb. The LED bulb can easily be connected with a smartphone, tablet and PC with Bluetooth® and the content can be enjoyed with a remote.

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector – new content experiences in life space
Discover new ways of content experience with the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector. This unique projector allows enjoyment of favorite content at any comfortable place by projecting the content on wall, ceiling, table, floor or any flat surface.  This is a Wireless, Portable, Built-in battery and speaker all in one cubical unit allowing one to enjoy a variety of viewing experience with a wireless HDMI unit.

4K Ultra Short Throw Projector – combination of the best technologies
4K, laser light source and ultra-short-throw capabilities have been combined into the 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector. This is designed specifically for dedicated home cinema rooms and dark rooms for a grand cinema experience. This product can be also used for professional purpose such as in museums, showrooms etc.

Smart Tennis Sensor – analysis of each stroke
The Smart Tennis Sensor on a racket and its built- in motion and vibration sensors analyze each stroke. Results are beamed on your smartphone through Bluetooth® connection so you can see them right away. With the Smart Tennis sensor, data in real time can be watched and results can be analyzed in addition with setting goals to allow improvement with a continuous watch on the track record.

Smart B-Trainer – your running exercise companion
This all-in-one device allows personalization of training with application conjunction that creates running log and plays music. It is a sports device to support one’s style of training. The smart B-trainer and sports gear fits in Sony’s original 12 TONE ANALYSIS technology that analyzes the tempo of songs. The device then automatically selects songs for playback, looking at your current heart rate to choose music that helps to meet the target heart rate. In this way the Smart B-Trainer provides support for efficient training and can also be used as a headset for hands-free calling. The gear allows smart training using just one device: diverse running log creation and music playback optimized for training needs.

FES Watch – fashion meets technology 
The FES Watch is a watch created using electronic paper for the watch face and strap. The wearer can select the display pattern of their choice from 24 different options.

AROMASTIC – Scent of the scene anytime and anywhere
The AROMASTIC is a portable, stick type aroma diffuser that provides aromatic experiences that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. With a selection of 5 scents, it gently disperses an aroma around you and can be enjoyed individually. The slim and compact stick fits easily in your bag and can be used effortlessly with one hand.

ENERGY24 Battery – reaching the rural boundaries
The ENERGY24 battery system by Sony is an effort to supply energy in rural areas where electricity has not yet reached or places where continuous electricity supply is still an issue. This battery is very small and compact and can be easily carried to remote places. The same is charged using solar power to utilize the natural resources. The ENERGY24 Battery has a very long battery life – it is designed to last for 10 years of usage. It gets charged in one hour (using Solar Panel) and can last for 24 hours. Moreover the battery can be charged and feed simultaneously further letting  operation of various devices like USB LED light, Mobile phones, radio, fan, TV etc with a single charge.

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