Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • SRS-HG1

About this download

This page provides instructions on how to update the firmware for Personal Audio System SRS-HG1 to version 4.04.

Benefits of Update:

  • Maintenance for Chromecast built-in will be performed automatically when your network connection is available.

This software update also include previous update benefits and improvements:

  • Added "Add Speaker" function.
  • Added Voice guidance for Bluetooth pairing mode and battery remaining.
  • Support Spotify Playback via Chromecast built-in.
  • Added Multi Room function via Google Cast.
  • Support music playback from SCMS-T devices via Bluetooth during Wireless Surround Function.
  • Improve operation stability.
  • Added “Wireless surround & Wireless Stereo” function.
  • Support Hi-Res Audio Contents via Google Cast.
  • Support mirroring function.
    (Availability subjected to country by Google Inc.)

Applicable firmware

Version: 4.01 or lower

How to check Firmware Version

Note: If the version is displayed as 4.04, you do not need to update the firmware.

  1. Connect the unit to same network as smartphone with SONY | Music Center (SongPal) application via WiFi router device.

  2. Start up SONY | Music Center (SongPal) Application on your smart-phone.

  3. Select “h.ear go(SRS-HG1)xxxxxx”

  4. Select “Settings”

  5. Select “Other Settings”

  6. Confirm SRS-HG1 Version

How to Update

Software Update is available via internet (network) connection. Please check the following steps.

Note: You cannot update to the latest software, if the set is NOT connected to the internet (network).

Caution: If power indicator on the unit keeps flashing in Green even after pushing power button, push [RESET] button located at the bottom side of the unit.

Please update Software in the state connected to a power supply outlet by the supplied USB AC adapter.

Please connect to an power supply outlet before updating the software.

  1. Connect this unit to a power supply outlet.
    1. Connect the supplied USB AC adaptor and micro-USB cable.
    2. Connect the micro-USB cable to a DC IN 5 V jack.
    3. Connect USB AC adapter to a power supply outlet.

    • Do not use other than the supplied USB AC adaptor, micro-USB cable, and AC power cord.
    • Software update is only available when unit is connected to power supply.

  2. Connect to the internet (network).
    1. Connecting by SONY | Music Center (SongPal) of smartphone App
    2. Connecting by WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
    3. Connecting by PC

    For details, please see instruction manual

  3. When the speaker is turning power on, Press the (on/standby) button, and turning power off.

  4. Press the (on/standby) button, then turning power on.

  5. Wait until the LINK indicator stops flashing and stays lit in orange.
    Whenever a software update becomes available, the UPDATE button lights up.

  6. Press and hold the UPDATE button until beeps are heard.
    When the latest software update starts, the UPDATE button flashes.

    Note: The speaker is not operational while updating.

  7. The UPDATE button changes the blinking (interval and condition) by the update progress.

    Note: Updating normally takes about 3 to 10 minutes. It may take more time depending on your network environment.

  8. The UPDATE button turns off and the speaker switches to standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode automatically after updating is completed.

  9. Check the firmware version here.

    If all function LEDs are lit up
    Firmware update failed. Press the (on/standby) button to turn off the speaker, then turn on again.
    Make sure the speaker is connected to the internet and the UPDATE button is lit, then start updating again.
  • Keep the speaker connected to the power supply and network while updating.
  • DO NOT remove the AC power adaptor until completing the update.
  • DO NOT power off during the update.

File Info

Release Date

  • 2017-07-27

System Requirements

  • System OS