File Info

File Name

  • To install install order for VGN-CS1

File Size

  • 0.0MB

Release Date

  • 2008-11-14

System Requirements

  • Windows XP


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the upgrade, disconnect all external hardware devices, including PC Cards etc
Note: Before proceeding, ensure that the VAIO computer is operated using the supplied AC adapter.
Note: Save all data/files and close all running programs

Please note that when installing either of the Windows XP versions, users may no longer have access to some preinstalled software or will not be able to use some of preinstalled functions. Below are the functions that are confirmed to be unusable once users downgrade to Windows XP on VGN-CS1 Series:

1. Plug and Display function does not work.
2. Fn+F9/F10 (Zoom in/Zoom out) function key does not work.
3. Capture button cannot be used.
4. AV Mode button cannot be used.
5. Hard disk Drive protection function cannot be used.
6. Some contents in Bluetooth Utility help file are not correct.
7. There is no manual on how to use XP.
8. Sounds are not being output when playing back a DVD title which is used Dolby Digital Sounds by Windows Media Player.
9. BD drive is not supported.
10. Bluetooth GPS Unit does not work.



Please download the installation manual for VGN-CS1 series and refer to the installation steps to install the related XP drivers and applications on VGN-CS1 Series.
Note: Please use Adobe Reader to open the manual that is in PDF format.