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30 cm (12) Subwoofer with Enclosure


Picture of 30 cm (12) Subwoofer with Enclosure


Rs. 7,490

(incl. of all taxes)
Images of 30 cm (12) Subwoofer with Enclosure
Feel every bass line and kick drum thump, thanks to this 30 cm subwoofer’s huge 1800 W peak power output (420 W RMS). The XS-NW12022E’s dimpled pentagonal design reduces distortion levels, so you’ll enjoy cleaner sounding bass — even when the volume is turned up. The enclosure design also allows for easy, out-of-the-box installation.
  • 1800 W peak power output, (420 W RMS)

  • Dimpled pentagon design reduces distortion

  • Durable rubber surround

  • Wide 32 Hz–1000 Hz frequency response

  • Enclosure design for easy, out-of-the-box installation

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